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Nov. 28th, 2012

A Slate article about debunking a UFO video:


In the course of determining that the UFOs are insects close to the camera rather than big ultrafast objects far away, which can be shown using two synced cameras and checking parallax, he says this: 

If these are truly distant objects capable of mind-altering feats indicative of fiercesome engineering, then both cameras will show the same thing: Compare the object to, say, a cloud or building behind it, and it’ll look the same in both cameras.

What I want to know is what that "fiercesome" is called.  I know the word well.  I love the website where examples are displayed.  i got one accepted and was praised for the catch by the site runners:  "pain-staking."  I even bragged about it here.  But I have been unable to retrieve the word.  

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