The Asutralian auto dealership I owned with my brother Brendan (where'd he come from?) has collapsed, apparently quite literally if you believe the photo:

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My climate change research, which I can't think how I found time to do, has turned up some surprising results, suggesting that it may be due to a sort of natural gastric upset on Mother Nature's part.  I'm sure I have my reasons.


I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the good will, patience, generosity and affection my post about the fine-press edition of Little, Big drew.  Abashed, somewhat.  But thanks to all of you (and to all those still waiting who didn't respond, at least SOME of whom are surely a bit grumpy).  

That edition

For all of those who over the years have bought one version or another of the (still so called) 25th Anniversary edition of Little, Big and who have come to doubt the eventual appearance of the edition (I have at times myself), here is a roundup of what has and what must yet happen.
Ron Drummond and John D. Berry have completed most of the elements of the work, whose ambitions were perhaps larger than the publisher foresaw. I can however attest to the fact that, in every important respect, those parts of the work they claimed to have completed they have indeed completed. The design and layout of the book was finished a year ago, on February 1, 2014, and they are satisfied with that design, and so am I.
What I can’t attest to is a date on which the project will be completed. Ron Drummond tells me that, in working with a candidate printer, they discovered that the digital treatments necessary to making the edition’s elaborate art reproductions print-worthy were more extensive than either he or John D. Berry had anticipated, and they were compelled to have those treatments executed by an outside contractor. That work has been ongoing since late last year, and when completed will make it possible at last to print the book.
I am not an investor, though I have been a frequent consultant in the making of the edition.  All I know, and all that I can say for sure, is that I’m confident Drummond and Berry are working to complete the project, with all that implies, in good faith.  


WHat is the term -- I believe descending from Calvinist theology -- that means unsaved or depraved or not among the elect, but that came to mean simply bad, immoral, resistant to correction?

Grammar whiz XIII

Pretend you didn't read this already and guess what you could add to it to make some kind of sense.  Rules as usual.

is going to go — is bomb throwing?


From the NY Times about the death of MAndy Rice-Davies: "The death of Mandy Rice-Davies, who played a starring role in one of Britain’s most salacious Cold War sex scandals, evoked more than a vicarious return to moments that defined their times."

This is the second time I've seen the Times use "salacious" in this way.  It's clearly wrong by standard definitions -- lascivious, lustful, lecherous -- or (of written or other work) arousing, sexually suggestive, dirty.  Has the definition changed?

Legal term query

Is there a legal term for the unnecessary law that bans or forbids something that either is never done or has long ceased to be done or can't be done?   Like a law passed forbidding Shariah law, or one that prevents developing time-travel capability?

Grammar whiz

With the usual rules and the usual note that I may well not have seen how obvious a solution would be.  This from the Times:

the court did either the law

Nov. 27th, 2014

NY Times:

Greek Navy Aids Disabled Ship With Hundreds of Migrants

You wonder what the migrants could do to help, and where the Greek Navy got them.