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How clever of me to know about unicorns in the newsroom altering the story process.  I think I learned it from John Clute or possibly Tom Disch.  It seems important to know this in my apparent job.


Return of the Grammar Whiz

American justice clear time

Rules as always:  add words at the beginnind and/or end to make a grammatical English sentence.  No adding punctuation to the phrase.  No meta-syntax using words as objects of discussion, e.g. "The phrase American justice clear time makes no sense"  or similar.

Dismaying, a little

I learn in the new New York Review of Books that Ezra Pound was influential in getting sections of Jouce's Ulysses published in the American literary journal the Little Review.  One of the pieces (for which the issue was suppressed) included one "proposed title" -- which I was amazed to see -- and research showed me was not far in the finished book, which i read with care long ago -- including this passage no doubt -- which i thereupon forgot that I had read, except i perhaps had NOT forgot:


      It's even described as a sort of play, as was my own:

Ars Auto-Amatoria, or
Every Man his Own WIfe

A Very Heroic Epyllion, in Four Fits

...with a Dramatis personae which included "the brothers,Ballaock, a pair of hangers-on"  (see Daemonomania, pp.147-152 of the Bantam edition).  OBVIOUSLY readers have assumed I just lifted it.  And maybe I did.
I think the phrase "at long last" is strange -- strangely moving, odd in construction, impenetrable in meaning to a non-English speaker, beautiful on the mind's tongue so to speak.  I retain it as the title of a book I very likely won't write.  I looked on Amazon and it is the title of a small number of books -- a gay romance, a get-rich guide, etc., but no book I saw carried the touching affect of the words, or that the words could have in the right context.

A time to update

It seems to me that it's time (!) to update Ecclesiastes. "A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together"? "A time to embrace, a time to refrain from embracing"? Surely we can improve this list. "A time to tweet, a time to refrain from tweeting" would be one, but surely the list could be as long as the original and more, you know.
What the "News of the Weird" classifies as "Unclear on the Concept."   From the NYTimes report on the release of the Ferguson report:

“With the conclusion of our investigations into these matters,” Mr. Holder said, “I again commit to the people of Ferguson that we will continue to stand with you and to work with you to ensure that the necessary reforms are implemented.”

On Wednesday night, there were two dozen protesters outside the police department, and officers made a handful of arrests of those standing in the streets.


The Asutralian auto dealership I owned with my brother Brendan (where'd he come from?) has collapsed, apparently quite literally if you believe the photo:


More me

My climate change research, which I can't think how I found time to do, has turned up some surprising results, suggesting that it may be due to a sort of natural gastric upset on Mother Nature's part.  I'm sure I have my reasons.



I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the good will, patience, generosity and affection my post about the fine-press edition of Little, Big drew.  Abashed, somewhat.  But thanks to all of you (and to all those still waiting who didn't respond, at least SOME of whom are surely a bit grumpy).  

That edition

For all of those who over the years have bought one version or another of the (still so called) 25th Anniversary edition of Little, Big and who have come to doubt the eventual appearance of the edition (I have at times myself), here is a roundup of what has and what must yet happen.
Ron Drummond and John D. Berry have completed most of the elements of the work, whose ambitions were perhaps larger than the publisher foresaw. I can however attest to the fact that, in every important respect, those parts of the work they claimed to have completed they have indeed completed. The design and layout of the book was finished a year ago, on February 1, 2014, and they are satisfied with that design, and so am I.
What I can’t attest to is a date on which the project will be completed. Ron Drummond tells me that, in working with a candidate printer, they discovered that the digital treatments necessary to making the edition’s elaborate art reproductions print-worthy were more extensive than either he or John D. Berry had anticipated, and they were compelled to have those treatments executed by an outside contractor. That work has been ongoing since late last year, and when completed will make it possible at last to print the book.
I am not an investor, though I have been a frequent consultant in the making of the edition.  All I know, and all that I can say for sure, is that I’m confident Drummond and Berry are working to complete the project, with all that implies, in good faith.