John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley

Charles Brown RIP

 Since it is now known almost everywhere, I reveal nothing in an untimely fashion by noting the passing of Charles Brown, eternal editor of Locus magazine, tireless chronicler of the SF/F world.  He was on his way home on the plane to California and died without fuss in his seat.

Charles interviewed me at Readercon:  I was his last Locus interview, oddly.  So much about death is odd.  Yet I can say that Charles Brown had what we in the Catholic Church called a good death:  having just visited and spent time among many he loved and admired, who returned his admiration, and who he knew were indebted to him for his long toiling in the vineyard, which I think did not seem like toil to him, and vanishing away on his return home again.  My own last image of him is stretched out, after a fine and lengthy dinner, on his bed in his hotel room, where I was being interviewed -- actually interviewing myself; he contributed remarks rather than questions -- with Peter Straub and the faithful Amelia.  I'd hope Locus might publish the whole of that recording, more conversation than interview; a last remembrance. 
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