John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley


So I am in the Library of America, thanks to the good taste and intransigence of Peter Straub.  The Library of America two-volume set of uncanny tales he has edited includes my story "Novelty", which is not so uncanny, but Peter tells me he loves it, and so he put it in, whatever.  I am listed at the LoA page here  right after Michael Chabon and Tim Powers, where it says "and 30 others."  That's me.

You can now get $15 off buying both volumes, which of course you will want to do -- just look at the ToC for each volume.  Here's LoA's quote from Peter's ontro to get you going:

“What remains when the conscious and functioning self has been erased is mankind’s fundamental condition—irrational, violent, guilt-wracked, despairing, and mad.”—Peter Straub

I haven't often been many of those things myself, except when I have just this second put down the car keys somewhere and cannot find them even though they must be within ten feet of me and I am losing my mind and the dermatologist appointment that i missed last month will be missed again, etc, but that doesn't last, or feed literature, not for me.   Anyway I am proud and happy to be snugged up with these others.

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