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The End-of-Everything Watchdogs


It's good to know these guys are on the watchtower:


The money that Google and Sun Microsystems are giving show they are troubled, too:  Google gave $450 to the organization.

And I take the point that chairman Eric Klein makes:

“I also realized that there is no sign of intelligent life out there in the universe. You wonder what happened to all those intelligent civilizations, and one of my potential theories is they all self-destruct. I think it is a data point that is hard to skip over.”

I myself do not skip over that data point. I have always thought that the enemy is not out there but right here. And ib that connection I can suggest that aluminum, in triangular or pyramidal form, might be considered when designing the Personality Preserver. Mine has protected me for years.


Jul. 24th, 2010 07:13 pm (UTC)
alzheimer's #1 cause
Arrid XXtra Dry, with aluminum dechlohydrate, sprayed directly onto your pourous underarms into your lymph system every day and night for years. i used to remember i smelled good....