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The sound of one dime dropping

Paul DiFilippo, who is a contributor to the Weird Universe site, presents us with the ur-mention of the ghostly dime droppers thereon, all the way back in 2008, with all subsequent comments thereto, up to the most recent, which makes clear that to really count, the dime encounter must include the actual sound of the dime being dropped by the agent of the other world.  So encounters on the beach, for instance, or in bed, would maybe not be decidable:  


The other new thing we learn from this site is that the date on the dime can be significant.  Why are the dead so given to posing riddles?  Just because ther's so much time to kill over there?


Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Just before the time I started tending the dying was my second intense period of enochian work.

Me and my buddy Russ Meengs had a ghetto blaster, and we made a cassette tape of me doing the first six calls in the standard way of setting the circle.

Another favorite activity of ours was wandering the streets of Seattle at seriously unGodly hours of the morning, up to nothing too bad.

So we had this box, and we were sitting on this wall looking over the freeway, on the east side of the freeway - I could take you there - and I turned the box on.

We lit up and sat there idly, I cranked the volume.

Across the street is a row of apartment buildings, all windows dark, and a row of parked cars.

There's a light mist in the air, the streetlights make distinct spots with dark borders in the middle of the street.

There's a guy in the middle, looks really seriously like me.

Dressed the same.

Standing with his arms crossed.

Where'd he come from.

There's another.

They are coming - there's another - from between those two parked cars.

They are standing in an arc in the middle of the street.

It's apparent that the arc will become a circle.

Russ looked at me and vice versa.

We turned the fucker off and walked rapidly around the corner, not stopping until we were a couple blocks away.