April 22nd, 2006



Haven't been keeping up, didn't really expect to. Rather lonely writing into cyberspace and knowing how unlikely a reply is until Friends appear (but how?)
The picture of me on this page was taken in Martin, Kentucky in 1952. The little coalmining town where my family then lived. If I ever get the hang of this journal concept, and find others who are interested in what I write, I may sign up for the full features and start posting some photos of that small town as it existed in 1952-3. I will tell the story of my recent trip there in the company of the Kentucky author and folklorist Gurney Norman, and the Appalachian historian Rodger Cunningham. Fine gentlemen both. R. Cunningham has written one of the very best critical essays about my work, focusing on the Appalachian sequences of Love & Sleep and Daemonomania, about werewolves, mines and authenticity. On another visit to you, my friends and communities, I'll give you a reference.