April 25th, 2006


Shakespeare portraits

I was taught in art class that one way to judge a portrait (of one's own amateur making) was to hold it up to a mirror. Suddenly what looked like a pretty competent work turned cubist and unlikely. Same with the standard Folio portrait of Will.

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It's obvious that customizing a Live Journal site is going to take more time at the pooter than anything since fonts and typesetting became alterable on WordPerfect 15 years ago. Excuse the dizzying alterations. I found that my previous neat'n'tidy layout didn't allow a list of links, so I pickt this one, which does, and then I found out how many changes I can make -- still not anywhere the weird loveliness of some sites -- but it allows me to play Graphic Artist for a while -- Which i actually was once, before computer graphics at all (1967) when all we had were photostats, prestype, mechanicals, Ben Day screens, Exacto knives and black tape to draw lines (if you couldn't use the pen designed specifically for that purpose, whose name I forget.) Rarest of all my works -- I certainly don't have one -- is the first catalogue ever issued for New Line Cinema,about 1968(then a three-person operation renting foreign films to college film societies.) I did the layouts, made titles and graphics for weird foreign films that didn't come with any, and also wrote copy for some films (some of which I actually saw). One that I worked up was Pink Flamingos, John Waters' first big hit, which made New Line a lot of money.


Don't know if I've got this down yet. There was an interesting thread started about photography and likeness -- the possibility of analyzing them for disease etc -- and Sherlock Holmes and criminology -- and I don't see where that's gone.

I also see that now that I am a paid member, I can phone in my comments when I am away from the computer and can't wait another minute. I can also Download a Client, but I can't imagine what I could do for him or her if I did so.