May 8th, 2006


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This picture is purportedly a picture of me reaching for a doorknob, predating the other of me in Kentucky 1952. I don't know what family tradition preserves this attribution, but I will accept it. There is a sense in which it's still me, still at the door.

A nice time yesterday losing another tooth to a kindly and steady-handed Dental Surgeon. I've been very attentive to the still near-full set in the last decades but inevitably the early years of neglect take their toll. The modern dental miracle is the Implant. You could get a whole mouthful of these if needed (and if you could pay, I suppose about the full price of a Lexus.) It has never been nice to talk about tooth failure in public (if that's what this is) and soon in the light of dental progress will rank as obscene; so we'll have no more of this. I don't know what came over me.