May 27th, 2006


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Tom Disch elsewhere mentions the historical fiction of Rose Macaulay.  Does anyone hhave any memory of the historical fiction of David Stacton?  I was very taken with this writer when I was  in highschool and college.  Short historical fictions that were written in the small scale and intense inwardness of non-hostorical fiction.  One about Ikhnaton and Nefertiti called On a Balcony.  Another about the assassination of Lincoln called The Judges of the Secret Court.  One about the murders in Amalfi on which John Webster based his play; Bosola is the hero. 

Stacton (Google's got very little) apparently was from Texas and gay.  He seems connected to a few Gay Forefather fiction sites.  Died in the mid-60s in London at age 42 or so. 

So just having your own ISBNs is no gaurantee. Most of the libraries I checked (even Stirling Memorial at Yale!) had no copies.  ABE has a few, but mostly his potboiler histories.

Well, maybe they weren't so good...