June 13th, 2006


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Petro Gulak, who is  a Friend of mine but whose posts on his own site are mostly in Russian and therefore unreadable by me, has posted this, which not all the Friends of this site may have seen; this particular report is from Pravda Online (!):

The creator of boy wizard Harry Potter was voted Britain's greatest living writer in a survey released [in The Book Magazine] Thursday. Rowling, who is currently writing the seventh and final Potter book, received almost three times as many votes as the second-placed author, fantasy writer Terry Pratchett.

[The Book Magazine’s] online poll allowed readers to choose from a list of 50 authors, or to add their own suggestion.

1. J.K. Rowling
2. Terry Pratchett
3. Ian McEwan
4. Salman Rushdie
5. Kazuo Ishiguro
6. Philip Pullman
7. Harold Pinter
8. Nick Hornby
9. A.S. Byatt
10-11. Jonathan Coe and John Le Carre (tie)
12. Doris Lessing
13. Alan Bennett
14. Iain Banks
15. Muriel Spark (who died in April)
16. David Mitchell
17. Martin Amis
18. Ian Rankin
19. Pat Barker
20. Alasdair Gray

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An anonymous commentor pointed me to this Modern Library double list -- the board of the ML's list, and a reader/internet poll of (apparently) 400,000 voters:  http://www.randomhouse.com/modernlibrary/100bestnovels.html

The more I ponder it the more intersting it gets.  If allowed only one list to take to your (WiFi-inacessible) desert island, which would it be?  From Column B you could use the L. Ron Hubbard novels to start fires.  But the ML Board list has plenty of clunkers (Tobacco Road? Studs Lonigan?) and no Pynchon.  I can't tell from the site when the ML Board list was compiled, but it had to be long ago.  Isn't it amazing how many SF/fantasy novels are on the Reader's list, none (except 1984) on the Board's?  The Worm Ouroboros?  Terri Windling?  Who knew?