June 19th, 2006

Patience and Prudence

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So libraries, okay, but I've just had this GREAT idea for a book, or rather have discovered a great gimmick for a book:  A novel in the form of an ON-LINE JOURNAL! Where the guy  (say a guy, it could be a girl) starts the journal to bitch and moan  (maybe he's a WRITER!) and tell truths and insights, and gradually these informants and others hidden behind usernames begin to collect, and contribute -- but they are really connected with his past, and have various designs on him; and maybe he sees through some of their disguises but not all -- because one of them says something about another that confirms something the other said, etc. etc. And gradually the WHOLE STORY that connects these people comes out, and takes surprising turns as the guy maybe visits THEIR  sites and lurks and leaves anonymous messages which he then reinforces by what he says on his own site. 

So I'm the first one to think of this, right?  And that gives me PRIORITY on the idea, timestamped etc.  Just saying.