June 21st, 2006

Patience and Prudence

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Well, like all great revelations concerning possible books, an initial rush of enthusiasm (tempered by an irony I hope was perceived, I'm too old and long in the game to be too quickly or utterly overswept by childlike awe at my conceptions) I am now keenly aware that an idea is not a book, and that writing such a thing would mean not only thinking up lots of new stuff (characters, plot, peripeteia, windup) but actually WRITING all that stuff out in the 26 letters and English vocabulary I know too well. 

So I will leave it as I see many of you thought it was:  a metaliterary comment on you, or y'all, and me, and here. 

How often have we found ourselves in bars or parties listening to the conceptions (or worse the life stories) of people who have discovered we've written a book or books, or been trapped with someone who has generously offered to share with us a new, a strange, an absolutely unprecedented conception for a book, a story that ACTUALLY HAPPENED to our interlocutor or his cousin or lover.  We are invited to split the profits on the resulting work (60-40, 60 for him or her as having actually experienced or conceived the work.) "All you have to do," we are told, "is write it."

I was once even given many hours of transcribed tape recordings made by a Vietnam vet with an amazing story to tell about drugs, murder, escape, jungles, evil generals, slit throats, darkness and suffering and comic reversals -- maybe -- I looked over ten or twelve pages of single-spaced typing, sentence fragments connected with "and" (what's the name of this rhetorical style?) and found my chin on my breast and eyes closed. 

More Wonders of Internet Research, and a writing opportunity

Looking for a hostory of the phrase/concept "kick the tires" (suspecting it to have a WWII origin, when retreads were all you could get) I came after a move or two via Google to this site:


This was interesting in itself, and I was tempted to acquire an Accu-Thump myself.  But for greater interest you can go to the Accu-Thump homepage, and try the "Personal" page.  The subsidiary page on a Christian currency is the most intriguing (though the treasure-hunting ones weren't without interest) and the author specifies that he is in search of someone who writes better than himself to get his ideas about a Christian currency in better shape.  Any volunteers?