July 1st, 2006


Grumpy II

On the other hand we can also updike ourselves.  I confess to a moment of despair/hilarity/annoyance/churlishness on reading in last Sunday's NY Times arts section about artists who do spray-can and graffiti painting and are now the second generation of this school, or tradition, or whatever.  One is John Matos, an original I guess (he's 44 now).  His spray-art mural was described thus by NYT: "Mr. Matos may paint from a spray ccan, but he also uses traditional fine-arts methods.  He drew this image of Superman from the comics and then had it silk screened on Canal Street."  Illustration of a crude line drawing of Superman from a comic.  Fine-arts methods?  I thought of egg-tempera on  elmwood panel, the etching press, underpainting. Ah well.