July 25th, 2006


Gaiman Tonite

The estimable Neil Gaiman will be reading here  in an hour, and (like Clarissa) I rush to pick up my pen and dash off a note.  I have made sure that the radio-based microphone has a fresh battery (Pete Hamill just had to read loudly -- the battery was shot -- fortunately the hall is the old fashioned kind with great acoustics).  I have seen to it that books are available.  I have steeled myself to announce that Neil will sign books after  the reading for 15 MINUTES ONLY  and am now rethinking -- maybe NO signing -- which proscription is likelier to start a riot?  Should I have alerted Campus Security that  maddened disappointed fans might be roaming the area seeking whom they may devour?  Why am I trying to be an Arts Administrator?  There are certain areas of labor or enterprise that we KNOW draw from our weaknesses and not our strengths -- why are we tempted to take them up, or enter into them?  After-action report to follow.  Neil himself is of course unalarmed and the soul of graciousness.  Why didn't someone hire HIM to be Dr. Who?  Maybe they tried.