August 12th, 2006


All Men Are...

Striking that many of you were moved by that book of photographs.  I wonder if it's a secret source of ... 60's universalist optimism?  Or something.  I think also that the ambitions of photography have been modified and now the feelings of infringement and disrespect that some had are outmoded -- we are all samplers and moshers and pilers and borrowers, and "ironic" juxtaposition is the rule; the thing that would or might seem objectionable now is that universalist All Men are Brothers feeling.  Sentimental and false.  Tom Disch notes that G. Bush is reading Camus's The Stranger. (Odd reading for a Christian.  Maybe he had the title confused with The Man Nobody Knows, Bruce Barton's book about Jesus, just up his alley.)  All Men Are Strangers the new anthem. 

I am done with my Summer Session Writing Program Directorship, Year One.   Year Two begins now.  If anyone has suggestions, reasonable or otherwise, for Famed Writers who might be induced to come to Yale, please post, supplying reasons.  Lesser known but wholly admirable writers too for a smaller venue.  Voting for yourself is allowed.

Writers On Parade

Many excellent suggestions, including the self promotions. 

Yes, the writers do meet with the writing program students, and we may increase their role next summer.  All of them were witty, informative and full of wisdom (enunciated a thousand times no doubt, but so is what passes for wisdom with me -- it's the teacher's, preacher's and long-runing-play actor's problem). 

Yes the series is open to the community and participation is encouraged, though attracting Yale students to enroll in the summer classes (from whose fees come all of our emoluments large and small) remains the main goal.  Of course others -- high school seniors, out-of-college persons, retirees, ex-cons, rich recluses, wise animals, and former child prodigies --  are welcome and encouraged to apply to the writing classes too.  Unlike the Famous Writers' School of Westport Connecticut (of famous memory) we do occasionally turn down an applicant as being unsuited, but it's also easier to win a place in a class in the summer as the competition isn't so steep in terms of numbers.  Next summer they may offer a F/SF writing course.

Speaking of child prodigies -- it's obvious why there should be fewer in writing than other arts -- but there must be a few -- I can think of Dasiy Ashford (The Young Visiters) but of no others.