August 19th, 2006


Darkness over Mordegol

Well, I don't know -- everybody has been so helpful about Mordegon (or Mordregon, or Mordegorn, or Mordegore -- Tom Disch's choice, maybe thnking of Ruddigore) and everybody seems to say it would be easy --  but (unless I take Tom Disch's advice and make my children write it) -- it seems that any page of writing is just about as hard as any other, and so if a page is easy for you, you can write like Zane Grey, or Lin Carter, or Dumas -- I think it was Dumas, I've told the story a thousand times and at least once in print and never actually verified it -- who said Writing is easy; if you write one page a day you'll write one novel a year, two pages two novels, and so on.  So why does it take me so long?  Calvino said that the reason none of his books resembles any of the others is because writing is such a boring and solitary activity that if you repeat yourself an infinite sadness takes hold of you.  Not of some writers, though.