August 29th, 2006


ANtique Technology Metaphors

I thought this thread dried up but a Friend offered "at loggerheads" using the meaning " an iron instriment with a ball on the end used, when heated, for melting pitch" which would count, though the main definition of thick-headed seems sufficient for "at loggerheads" i.e. "butting heads".  Then tonight I heard a rock song with a refrain about "free me from this ball and chain".  Everybody knows exactly what a ball and chain is and what it was used fr even though it hasn't been used for who knows how long (the radio bracelet taking its place).  Similar is "walk the plank" -- these are proper in that no one has ever seen the thing used for comparison, but unlike a wet hen at least you have a good idea of what it might be or look like -- that is, it communicates something, whereas the wet hen doesn't.