September 12th, 2006


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And now I am very pleased to make
An Announcement

or maybe even


which shall be of great joy to all men, but most of all to me:

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Little, Big is to be produced.

Yes, it has been "green-lighted" as the publisher says, sufficient funds now in hand to gaurantee the printing of the edition.  All those who have already subscibed are now (barring, the publisher now stage-whispers from the wings, unforeseen and non-insurance-covered acts of God or the gods, also human-evil-based things like global-warming-induced sudden rises in the sea level sufficient to swamp the presses, etc.) certain to receive their books, their dough having languished till now in escrow.  

This does NOT mean that the entire editon has been subscribed.  Hurry to the website here linked, where there will very soon be an announcement like this one but more, you know, sober, and you will see what is still available, what new deals are offered, etc.  New subscribers have the certainty that the book they buy now will indeed be produced as described.  However, the likelihood that the edition will be SOON BE SOLD OUT now also rises suddenly, as latecomers and sceptics now leap on the [antique technology metaphor] bandwagon.  It's hard for me to believe that anything of this edition will remain unsold and much will be quickly resold.