September 17th, 2006


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Thanks for all the tips on where to get what I used to think of as poor-people equipment (washboards for people who didn't have washing machines, darning eggs for people who actually darned their socks, which even my mother refused finally to do).  Actually though I don't need any of that stuff.  If I do I will go get it from an English Woolworths or a Ben Franklin.  I don't know if I like living in the netiverse.  Merely entering "darning egg" in google got me thousands, many of them "vintage" on ebay.  Here's instructions on how to darn a sock, though, if you need to, not even using a darning egg but using a LIGHT BULB instead -- 

I used to use darning eggs from Woolworths as the heads of puppets -- adding features with Plastic Wood (hey!  Still sold!) and painting.

Of course brown bread is canned -- it isn't really bread but a sort of molasses pudding that New Englanders claim to like.