October 26th, 2006


Puff puff

Reading Aegypt and have reached only the fifth chapter of Part One after 4+ hours of making mouth/tongue apparatus move & expelling air thru larynx while trying to make proleptic sense of what's coming up after the next colon.  Those 4+ though containing all my redo's and errors, groans, etc., so it may come down to 3+ when edited.  I read in the NYRB that William Gass, among my least favorite good writers (see Tom Disch on Bellow on his site) has recorded The Tunnel, his vast (650 pp.) novel of sorts.  Michael Wood, the reviewer, whom I much admire (but who dispiritingly admires Gass, though not without animadversions) says he is listening to the audio version, which he says is 45 hours long.  That can't be so.  Aegypt is 390 pages and it won't be longer than 12 hours, not even.