November 9th, 2006


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Researching younger writers who might be good to invite to Yale I came on Stephen Wright, author of the wonderfully titled "Amalgamation Polka".  A review quoted on his Random House web page identifies him as the "best AMerican novelist you've never heard of."  Of course he may well be (I'd heard of him so my vote is cancelled out) but I too have been described as the best novelist you've never heard of.  So which is it?  And which other writers get this nomination?  Long ago (it seems long ago) on this site we tried to get people to at least hear of David Stacton.  Is there a distinction between best [dead or no longer writing] writer you've never heard of and best [up and coming and maybe major someday] writer you've never heard of?  Is that "you" the important part, i.e., you hip people of course HAVE heard of him and are flattered to be told that you can assume few others have?  Anyway it's an interesting locution, not one you want maybe directed at yourself, though far worse can be thought of.