November 16th, 2006


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Thanks to all from the student writing about Alien Languages.  She's got a book's worth.

Two more topics:

The end of humanity:  in 1984, the triumph of Big Brother signals the end of a kind of human possibility.  In Asimov's Foundation, the Empire slowly fades away, and with it a kind of human enterprise.  In Lucifer's Hammer, a meteor changes human society/existence.  Any connective texts you can see here?  I've suggested Riddley Walker, and what's the name of that one with the monks in the desert?  Damn if I can bring it to the forefront of my aging mind.  I can see the paperbaclk cover, but as in a dream I can't read it.

An allied topic -- evolution of the human into new forms.  Childhood's End.  Ender's Game.  Last and First Men.  Hopeful and not so.  Give reasons for your choice.