November 19th, 2006



I received in the mail yesterday the latest issue of Opera Today, the newsletter of the Center for Contemporary Opera,  to which I had not subscribed nor ever heard of, though there was my name on it.  It featured an ad for the CD of a new operatic version of Mario the MAgician, libretto by J.D. McClatchy, without whom a new opera can hardly be written, it seems.  And inside was a long ariticle about the tow men, Bruce Wolosoff and Michael Hall, who are writing a new opera to be called Madimi, a two character opera, it seems, about John Dee and the little angel who appeared to him (to his skryer Kelley, actually; Dee never saw her -- except in my version of the story!). 

I asked McClatchy, who is at Yale, if it was he who put me on the newsletter list; he said no.

Mysterious.  Or not.  A good explanation exists no doubt.