December 6th, 2006


More Fine Writers Reading

I was introduced to the work of Chris Adrian by a writing student of mine at Yale, who wanted me to invite him to come to Yale.  About that time I discovered Heidi Julavits, at first via her now-probably-more-famed-than-she-cares-it-to-be essay about book reviewing in the McSweeney's magazine The Believer -- -- and then in reviews of her new book The Uses of Enchantment, reviewed in the last NYRB.  So I made it a sort of McSweeneys evening, and invited both, and they were both kind enough to come, and read funny and fascinating excerpts from their new books, and we got to hang and eat pizza too.  This is when I love my job.  And I remembered to save the receipt!

Children's Hospital should be nominated for a World Fantasy award next year.  I say it though I haven;t finished it yet.