February 14th, 2014


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Seen Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate"? It ended his career, was called pretentious overblown, overlong, bloated pointlesss. I finally decided to see. It's not awful. It's quite wonderful in many ways -- superb cast of amazing people, Vilmos Zigmond cinematography, beautiful crafted setpieces crowded with extras and movement. True, the story (such as it is) comes to a halt while all this is poured out, but in a way the film is modern in its unconcern for a tight plot and setups and payoffs. Could only watch an hour before turning it off for the night. 2 hours to go.

Maybe I'll start watching the great disasters and elephantine flops by good filmmakers.  Ishtar.  What was the one about Tong wars in Chinatown?