April 15th, 2014


It's all better now

How many got this striking announcement in their email today:

This Declaration made on 8th of April 2014 by Alpha Omega Station

Concerns the official enactment of the rights and duties indicated
hereafter and aims to inform all parties involved of the beginning
of the global restructuring process for the benefit of the World and Mankind.
Alpha Omega Station are the historical, technical, formally and
officially confirmed Sovereign and Judicial organization which in
accordance with International Treaties exercises legal Ownership,
authority and lawful power over various Assets,Gold Deposits, and
the International Collateral Combined Accounts, as well as all
Central Bank and Commercial Bank Overbalance Accounts held within
the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal
Reserve System/Bank for International Settlements.

Thie message concludes ith "Best regards from the Press Department".

An attached beautifully engrossed document identifies the actual owner of the gold assets and all other moneys of the world as His Excellency Vladiomir Ivanovich Klobzar, as "Beneficialry and Sole Signatory to the External Packages of the former Soviet Union" and in charge of the Russian deposits at Fort Knox and other depositories.  Nothing is asked of me, there is seemingly no intention except to express His Excellency's delight in his acheivement and to announce the readiness of Alpha Omega Station to accept applications for funding from around the world.