May 11th, 2014


Talk guys

From the Sunday Times article by Adam Liptak on party-line divisions in the Supreme Court:

Like the rest of the country, the justices increasingly rely on sources of information that reinforce their views.
“We just get The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times,” Justice Scalia told New York magazine in September. He canceled his subscription to The Washington Post, he said, because it was “slanted and often nasty” and “shrilly liberal.” He said he did not read The New York Times either.
“I get most of my news, probably, driving back and forth to work, on the radio,” he said. “Talk guys, usually.”

A Lost Letter

Well, not lost but just found onthe computer. likely among the earliest still preserved there -- January 26, 1990, to Lou Aronica, then publisher at Bantam.  The New York Review imentioned s "Of Scence Fiction" not  "Of Books".  Full text:

Dear Lou:
Here is the reprint I promised (long ago) of the article in the New York Review.
The first part of LOVE & SLEEP which I also promised (long ago) is being delayed due to a really interesting revision-cum-detour that has made, or will make, it a better book.  What's always amazing to me about my own way of working is that consistently the most wondrous--fantastical--magic elements or connections occur to me last rather than first, almost as an afterthought, though a necessary one.
When are you going to reprint LITTLE, BIG?  Hundreds of fans (well, more than one) have ben pestering me about how they can get a copy.
Did you know that I will be the Guest of Honor at something called "Readercon" in Lowell, Massachusetts, on April Fool's Day this year?
I remain--
John Crowley