John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley

More on writing TK ( and more on TK) but BTW I was looking for lists of rhyming slang words on the model of okey-dokey and palsy-walsy, and of course came up with dozens, one of them on this site   <>  which Mr. Trussel calls EclectiCity or once did.  I think my areas of interest are wide, and maybe they are, and many on LJ have Collages of wideranging interests, but check out this person, an Internet Renaissance Man (should have a term with digital or web or e or virtual in it but I can't think of one).  I was thrilled to find Og, Son Of Og, Son of Fire, which I read in Boy's Life in the fifties.  That along with a comprehensive list of author pseudonyms, a collection of anti-smoking stamps, and everything you didn't know you wanted to know about Boston cult leader Mel Lyman. Whew.

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