John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley

Up North an so forth

SO I leave my journal for a couple of days and come back to find you squabbling about Writing.  Have to pay closer attention.

Here's a note I posted on joculum's site -- he had noted Sept 8, the Virgin's birthday, on a poem.  (For you non-Catholics or white-church Protestants, St. Ann was the mother of the Virgin.)

On September 9, yesterday, not September 8, I'm sorry to say, the gods of Coincidence slipping up a bit, I happened to be at a wedding in the Champlain Islands, and with no intention of doing so, or any knowledge of its existence, my wife and daughter and I came upon the Shrine of St. Ann in Isle Lamotte, Vermont. A funny funky church made mostly of plywood, but touching somehow, and containing an oil-painting of the Crucifixion among other items prize-winning in its badness, in fact the worst picture I have ever seen hung in a public space. Above the altar, statues of Anne instructing the Virgin. A large gilded statue of Ann as well on the grounds. All very unexpected and somehow marvellous.

A Friend credits some aspect of my writing with outrecuidance, which the dictionary transaltes as impertinence or impudence but he translates with a neologism -- uberfoppishness.  So this is my new favorite word in a language I don't know.  Former favorite was in the same language:  bouleversement.  So lovely these words whose histories and connotations and settings in a thousand texts we don't need to know or pay attention to -- they can just gleam beautifully and untarnished in our half (assed) knowledge of what they signify, or ought to.

Anybody else have favorite?
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