John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley

Reverting to type

The title of a n article by Ralph Caplan in the AIGA Newsletter about the current fashion for taking up writing on typewriters in spite of... well in spite of everything.

"Occasionally one meets or hears about writers who pride themselves on not using computers, triggering memories of writers who refused, for similar reasons, to use typewriters when they were the most efficient alternative to pens. In college I had a professor who had written several books and by the time I graduated had written several more. I was enviously dazzled by his productivity, and utterly flabbergasted when I discovered that he wrote in longhand.
“'Wouldn’t a typewriter be faster?' I asked.
“'I suppose so,' he said.  'But I can’t think any faster than I can write, so the additional speed wouldn’t help.'”

With computers. of course, it's common to write much faster than we can think.  NISM? *

* Common web acronym I just made up for Need I say more?
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