John Crowley (crowleycrow) wrote,
John Crowley

Me back home again in Indiana


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I am somewhat shocked at the use of the phrase 'more busier'. How are the mighty fallen.

Never thought to see you on Fox News. 8-)


December 22 2015, 09:07:28 UTC 5 years ago

This explains everything, how Christmases come closer every year and, perhaps, why that longed-for book is late:

It started to become a lot more busier this week," said UPS store owner John Crowley. Packages were piled high at the UPS store in Mishawaka. "Holidays become very difficult," said Crowley.

As indeed they are or have now become.

Happy holidays,good wishes,


In her review of "Variety" by William Fitzgerald in the current issue of Harper's, Christine Smallwood discusses the word "desultory" and explains its original meaning. I remember you either wrote or spoke about your own relations with "desultory" some time ago, perhaps on this very livejournal. I remember adjusting my own apprehension of the word accordingly. I believe I had always thought it meant something akin to thoughtlessly, or without passion or commitment.

While reading Smallwood's explication I realized that the word I have been searching for to describe my own life all these years is "desultory." I live a desultory life. Better late to insight than never.
Yes -- we had a discussion (it was years ago) about words that you somehow come to have a wrong meaning for, or a slightly sidewise meaning, as you did for "desultory" -- and I had the same one: unable to settle on anything, depressed, bored. Your memory's good!

Suspended comment

Thanks so much. Lovely pictures. Looking forward to hearing Winterson!


August 16 2017, 13:57:52 UTC 4 years ago

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