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I've passed 100,000 words on the new book, and am still nearly 100 pages from completion, unless I just finesse a bunch of stuff.  (Who would know but me?  "Hey wait a minute, where's all that stuff about the sailboat race?  Who adopted that baby?")  Waiting for that second or third or eighth wind.

Long reviews in the LA Times of the Aegypt Cycle.  First of The Solitudes:


-- and the subsequent week another of Endless Things and the whole.


Nov. 30th, 2007 11:42 am (UTC)
The Aegypt novels - ways to read them...
Having just come out of Julio Cortazar’s HOPSCOTCH novel (a feat in itself, and not one for the fainthearted), I find on my shelf the last two books of the above series - the other two somewhere in the post, still to come.
I discovered your work through Harold Bloom’s Canon, while I was creating a blog with the ‘famous’ list of authors (http://kinkanon.blogspot.com mirrored somehow by http://codex-librorum.blogspot.com ).
My question: may I start my reading journey with Daemonomania without losing the overall theme/plot? Or should I wait for the first two novels to arrive?
You see, I’m eager to commence my fantastic voyage with your literary creation and cannot wait out the Xmas postal delays… Who better than the author to advise?

Arrivederci e grazie

{From Alba of Celtic shores}
Nov. 30th, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
Re: The Aegypt novels - ways to read them...
Well, since I did spend a great deal of time making the series lead on from the premises of the first volume to the conclusions of the last, I have a prejudice in favor of your beginning at the beginning, going on through the middle, and ending with the end. It really is a single continuous story. YOu might get a strange picture of it read out of order -- if you DO read it out of order, please let me know what you thought of the experience.

Thanks for your interest, and for your extremely interesting site. I wonder if you know I was a winner of the premio Flaianno, one of the great honors of my literary life as well as an extraordinary experience, for a novel calle La Traduttore in Italian.
Dec. 3rd, 2007 10:08 am (UTC)
Re: The Aegypt novels - ways to read them...
I couldn’t wait for Amazon to deliver, so I started. And you’re right, it’s a strange experience, and I find myself lost at times between references and allusions, my curiosity increased… So, I’ll wait then. Meanwhile I may research some of the background, especially Giordano Bruno, whose statue I passed so many times in Campo de’ Fiori, without really thinking about his strange and tormented (mainly by the Church) life.
My mixed heritage (Italian/French/Jewish/Australian – what a minestrone!) crowds my mind with a plethora of mythologies, and I find it hard at times to distinguish history from fantasy. I come from a country (Italy) and a people (the Jews) that have thriven, if not actually invented, many of the subjects you deal with in your books – so, I think I will really enjoy the experience of your novels.

In my leisure time I’m also a translator (strange if I weren’t) and so, yes, I knew about your La Traduttrice (http://www.bol.it/libri/scheda/ea978885021134.html), which I propose to read too: un romanzo bello e triste. I congratulate you for the Premio Flaiano: the Italians must have loved the novel, and you richly deserved the prize. Bravo!
And I intend to also read your La Terra della Sera (http://www.bol.it/libri/scheda/ea978887928830.html) (guessed?) which has an extremely interesting subject treated in an extremely interesting way. But all in good time, otherwise my mind will burst. I have just recently come by you, and I must savour the experience…

Thank you for your kind reply,

~Kinkazzo (http://kinkazzoburning.blogspot.com)