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Dream Gleanings

After a long period of inadequate dreaming (or poor recovery of dreaming) I have begun again to remember dreams.  Last night two categories:  The Dumb Idea that only gradually becomes clear to the dreamer as having placed him in horrible jeopardy or done irreversible harm, and the Famous Person in commonplace interaction.

1.  I dreamed that I had agreed to participate in a murder with someone, a highly charismatic but soulless person (the kind of person that Andy Garcia plays).  It seemed like a surefire way if getting a lot of money.  We'd visit his house, he thinking we were friends, and I'd shoot him.  I started getting cold feet the closer we came to the house where he lived.  My comrade was unsympathetic about my fears and scruples.  I began to think that if I did shoot the victim, my friend would really have very little reason not to shoot me, and keep all the loot; even if he acceded to my wish to pull out, the best thing for him to do would be to shoot me because I knew the plan.  I woke up when this all became horribly clear.

2.  I was having elaborate dentistry done by a highly skilled progressive dentist -- nothing he did hurt, indeed couldn't even be felt.  In the chair next to me (like barber chairs) another dentist was working on Jack Nicholson,  His teeth were quite poor (you could see these discolored teeth ringed with gold, part of a partial plate) and he said it was the fault of New York doctors he'd seen.  "All they know is drill, drill, drill!"


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Nov. 22nd, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
I'm never sure if I wish to remember all my dreams perfectly clearly or not.

And you've described so well those moments when the emotions of a dream shift into the waking state. Also, that seems like the perfect Jack Nicholson quote. Makes me think of how many times (and ways) people have said that about dentists throughout various cultures and centuries.
Nov. 22nd, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
I'd have shot my friend.

At one point, in my sordid and misspent youth, an unsavory associate of mine took me to a high place where he informed me of various choices I had, among which, as I recall, were paying him and being badly beaten - unspoken was the fact that it would be very easy for someone to fall down, wow, at least eight or ten stories from here - and it occurred to me that I had other choices that he wasn't mentioning, like lying to him or paying him whatever would satisfy him right then and leaving town.

I believe that is what I did: but do you know, I am not sure? I remember the thing several ways. I have also replayed the thing in dreams, as I have many seminal moments of my life.

The only probability I am reasonably sure did not come off is me going over the edge. In the dreams it did, of course. You only start to get to the really interesting parts of dream work when you make yourself go through the unpleasant experiences.

You have to let yourself die.

Sometimes, you just have to kill yourself.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 12:50 pm (UTC)
You've been busy
I actually dreamed about YOU last night. We were in a meeting room at a hotel at the LAX airport, discussing a film project with — well, who knows. Clute sat elsewhere in the room, reading; Laurie dropped by to see how the process was going, then went off to a meeting of her own. I have no idea if we finally closed the deal.

Nov. 22nd, 2007 03:09 pm (UTC)
I had my own dream involving weaponry last night—or rather, the lack of same. I was in an abandoned, decrepit apartment building, up near the top floor, standing by an open elevator shaft. I was with a reporter, and we were about to take some action (now forgotten) which was to bring down a mob boss. We had a perfect plan, which we were about to launch, but instead of doing so, the reporter suddenly phoned that mobster to lord it over him and tell him that we were about to bring him down.

I started arguing with the reporter, trying, but failing, to get the phone away. "What are you doing?" I shouted. "I don't even have my gun yet!" I realized that with the element of surprise gone, I was going to die. We had no chance of success. And so I called my father to say goodbye. I woke in the midst of making that call.

I generally remember 2-3 dreams a night, most of which I scribble down.
Nov. 23rd, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
Also after a rather long period of poor or non-remembrance of dreams, I have had a dream three times in the past week or so wherein my parents are moving out of their house (that they built and have lived in since 1980, on the family farm that has been the family farm since the mid 1880s) and they are selling the house to the highest bidder rather than leaving it to my brother or myself.

Every time I've woken up disturbed, and it took a good part of the day to shake it off. It actually felt like a thing that had happened, and I had to get used to it now, and then I would remember that it had been a dream.

Nov. 26th, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
"Drill drill drill!". How cool. I noticed a few years ago that if I remember my dreams early in the day - morning - I still feel clearer headed all day than if I hadn't; even if I can't remember them later. Castaneda et al. had the take on dreaming that they were of various kind: they could be just phantom images of the exhausted projected by the subconcious, or metaphorical scenarios created of the subtle astral stuff by our ego (reincarnating monad - what have you) to give us insight to our current life drama, or they are of the third category and are actual voyages into another "world" or "dimension" that we travel and the things we see and do are as real as anything we could call "real". As a youth reading this I dreamed I was hunkered behind some sand dunes spying on some strangers making a fire. I realized I was dreaming and knelt to pick up a handfull of sand which I watched carefully fall through my fingers. I decided "yup this is as real as real gets". In the years to follow I've done that a handfull of times.

I want to say though I always boo hoo'd on dream interpretation or symbolism. You go to the store and open a dream dictionary and go "hmmmm, washing machines... - hey it says here if you dream of a washing machine that means you must feel you need something cleaned!" Yeah unless your father was a hagard greasy drunk washing machine repair man - or was the president of Whirlpool. As we have different values for things wouldn't our subconcious (awful word) use these things in different ways to cue us? Over the years I've used as an example snakes - somewhere a rattler loving Southern Baptist and a woman from NYC who has never seen a snake in person and gets fainty when they come on tv both have a similar dream of a snake in a basket. It simply could not "mean" the same thing were meaning sought for.
Nov. 29th, 2007 05:26 am (UTC)
Re dream #2

You were in Roger Corman's film Little Shop Of Horrors where the nebish in charge of the huge human-eating plant (Audrey) has to pretend to be a dentist -- perhaps because he just fed the dentist to to Audrey, I'm not sure.

Anyway an impossibly young Jack Nicholson is in the scene, and by the time the "dentist" is done with him his teeth are full of holes, the product of the painful and unskilled drilling. But everything is cool, because the Nicholson character is a masochist.
Nov. 30th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
Memory and Dreams
The "Here and Now" radio show a day or two ago (archived and accessible at http://www.here-now.org/shows/2007/11/20071129.asp) focused on questions of human memory, its capabilities and deficiencies. Certainly I was put in mind of key personages in both Little, Big and the Aegypt series, as the memory scientist interviewed spoke directly of Memory Mansions.

A fascinating show, overall, and I highly recommend it. But I really haven't heard of any research or opinions exploring (at least very deeply) convergences or synergies of memory and dreams. Has anyone else?

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